- 山崎 由加里 -codzuchi


現在、ブライダルブーケをはじめとして、小槌をモチーフにしたチャーム・ブローチ、BAGを創作しております。 鈴の 音といっしょに幸せが訪れますように・・・

A well-known Japanese fairy-tale tells the story of Issun-boshi (tiny son) and a codzuchi (a magical hammer) , that will make your wishes come true if you shake it.I design and make codzuchi’s or magic charms to mark important occasions in your life, and are made from special Japanese pattern fabrics. I use this magical motif in bags, bouquets or in emblems, to make a unique original for you in the world.For those[women] who are inspired by Japanese art, they can give this codzuchi to bring good luck to people making a new start in life.
I wish you good fortune with the codzuchi’s magical bell…